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KBM MAINTENANCE is your full service maintenance provider for your landscaping, plumbing, electric, roofing, siding, windows needs.

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“KBM is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. We work with every customer as an individual to accommodate what is important to them. Our goal is to deliver whatever our customers wants!"

Mark Burket - President

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KBM Maintenance, LLC

We’re Different, and Different is Good...

Most people do not look forward to hiring contractors for repairs to their home or business. It usually means time off of work, workers showing up late, or not at all, projects running later than the promised date and extra expenses.  

KBM is different. We’ve researched and listened to consumers about what hasn’t worked well with their recent project. We’ve asked what they want from a contractor and what contractors can do to better serve them. We’ve developed a company that is focused on the Customer’s Needs!! More importantly, we’ve taken 20 years of experience working in welding, construction, engineering and fabrication; and have turned it into a firm that offers premiere contracting and repair services to both commercial and residential Central Pennsylvania.

We’re Focused on the Customer
KBM is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. We know when you’re happy with our work, you’ll tell your friends. We work with every customer as an individual to accommodate what is important to them. Our goal is to deliver whatever our customers wants!

We’re On Time
Time is Money! When we say we’ll be there at 8:30, we’ll be there at 8:30. On time, on the job and working. Not on a phone call, not running errands, but on the site working and completing your job.  We know that while we are working in your home, you are likely off work or hindered in what you can do while contractors are present. We are accurate in our project completion times and continually strive to provide quality services with reasonable deadlines.

We’re Dependable

Our work ethic is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our start and completion dates are accurate. Communication with the customer is key. If something comes up that changes the project or delivery times, you are the first to know.

We’re Fair

We treat our customers like we want to be treated ourselves. We communicate and work with our customers to ensure satisfaction every step of the way. Our projects are priced fairly and accurately to ensure our competitiveness. No hidden charges or last minute surprises.

Quality Service

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